Discussing the Numbers

Make it Happen

    We blaze trails leading the way in business process innovation. We begin with the foundational blocks utilized in developing a business or strategic plan. 

    1. Strategic Intent is a principle-driven tool, turning objectives and desires into effective roadmaps for sustainable business improvement. 

    2. Strategic Planning is the cornerstone of a successful business strategy. We deploy our experience to your particular requirements. It’s a combination of Technique, Tenacity, Timing and Trust in Experienced Teamwork.

    3. Strategic Implementation is the key to streamlining workflow. Our unique process deployment approach ensures successful delivery.


    The Fennimore Group has developed five sequential steps as the entrée to the development of a business solution: 

        Listen to Grasp

        Observe to Evaluate

        Diagnose to Prescribe

        Define to Formulate

        Solve to be Understood

    Many companies remain organized into non-integrated silos that lack incentives to simplify work processes horizontally across departments, divisions, or operating units. This can be best seen in organizations where a plant is rewarded by the number of units produced beyond plan, purchasing negotiating lesser costs per piece based on larger or consignment buys, sales "pushing" additional items to the dealer, store or shelf, and shifting higher transport costs to smaller and more frequent units.


    The opportunity for business transformation and new architecture depends on a delicate balance utilizing the best among software, hardware, and Internet applications; the entire intellectual capital of an organization; and a relational network of resilient, adaptable, highly compliant processes. To achieve this, an uncompromising plan must be executed, on time and within budget, measured by the right indices relative to profitability and operating costs. That’s where we come in. We deploy change required to attain these objectives.