Helping Businesses Soar


Organization Reengineering Case

Organization Engineering: Led the reengineering and market development plans of a major North American logistics operating group improving asset utilization and improved financial efficiencies (cash-to-cash cycle).

Benefit: Receivables shrank from 75 to 21 days, work streams simplified, profitability improved 28%, and gross revenues increased ten-fold.


Strategic Sourcing Case

Strategic Sourcing: Reduced logistics spend over $57 million annually for a leading U. S. agricultural supplement and food processor. 

Benefit: 9% reduction in supply chain activity, producing a 13% improvement in net profitability.

Market Analysis

Merger Acquisition Case

Merger Acquisition: North American supply chain network optimization of the world's fourth and sixth largest fuel producing companies after merging.

Benefit: $940 million a year reduction in cost through the combination of facility closures, consolidations, restructured supply lines, and carrier realignments.


Government Compliance Case

Governmental Compliance: Designed and managed NAFTA customs compliance imported components, importing and exporting automotive components and finished product within North America. Lead implementation of Brazil customs and tariff compliance and material operating logistics around best economic and process models for a Tier One automotive supplier.


Benefit: In-country operating cost cut by 35%.